Monday, March 14th, 2011

Leads On Demand With Social Media Marketing

It amazes me how creative people can be. The Advanced BuzzZing Social Media Marketers in my company recently underwent the task of creating short marketing video’s to upload on Youtube. It’s important to note that most of them had never created a video before yet they undertook the project with gusto! (is that a word? Yeah, I’m pretty sure)

Peter from Townsville created the below video. It’s really, really great! He used the ANIMOTO program to create it. And this from a guy who tells me his tech knowledge is very limited. Go Pete!

Youtube is a terrific platform in which to generate inquiry for your business. Within 1 Day of this video being up, Peter generated 5 leads. Not bad going for such a short time on the air. People love watching video’s! Did you know that 200 Million Video’s are watched on YouTube every single day. Whoza! That’s a remarkable number!

Here’s a few tips when creating your video.
1. Keep it short and sweet. Around 1-3 minutes is best.
2. Keep it light! Not too serious!
3. Make sure you add your website throughout the video so your viewers can inquire with you.
4. Add the appropriate “tags” or key words that you’d like to be found under.

I’d love to see your creative work. Send me through any video’s that you’ve created recently.

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Sunday, February 27th, 2011

What’s all the Buzz About at Polaris Global?

I’m excited to say that our BuzzZing Social Media Training has now been launched to the public. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the success of our BuzzZing training. It’s so great to see a project come together and with such tremendous results.

Since officially launching our new BuzzZing website just a couple of days ago I have been inundated with messages of gratitude from those who have been introduced to BuzzZing over the weekend. People sharing with me that they have received tremendous value from the BuzzZing training and even an instant boost in inquiry.

I received this message from Fraser who owns Simply Healthy out of the UK;
“since i have watched your buzzing i have generated three leads today and 1 sale to Switzerland”

These messages are coming from business owners outside of our Polaris community. (of course Polaris distributors have had the info for a while and getting great results). It’s very exciting for me to hear of others also experiencing a boost in their inquiry and sales.

Incidently, it’s been only 90 days since BuzzZing was launched to Polaris Distributors and our sales have increased by a whopping 58%!! Congratulations to everyone for taking action on the teachings. The great news is….we are just getting started!!!

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