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Friday, September 12th, 2014

Polaris Global can give you the life you want

Live the life you want! Sounds easy enough. But we know it’s not always that simple. There are responsibilities, bills, children, work. And before you know, it’s Sunday night and you think… what did I actually achieve this week? And then you’re back in the grind.

Polaris Global can get you there!

Polaris Global can get you there!

That all changed for me when I became a student of Polaris Global’s personal leadership program Beyond Freedom Evolution. It didn’t just teach me how to become successful in all areas of my life, it guided me to my true goals. BFE broke down the steps into achievable bite-size pieces and before I knew it, I was working for myself, away from the office that had imprisoned me for years, and living the life I had dreamed.

Work life balance – sorted!

Spare time for the kids – done!

And the Polaris Global business opportunity gives those budding entrepreneurs out there an avenue to achieve financial freedom. And it’s offered in one easy-to-use success package.

Polaris Global’s step-by-step business plan and personal leadership principles are a winning equation for a successful business that can lead you to the work life balance you’re yearning for.

The additional draw card for so many of Polaris Global successful entrepreneurs has been the flexibility of the web-based business platform, which allows you to work from anywhere, whenever you like!


Thanks to Beyond Freedom Evolution, I am following my North Star, and loving my life. Every second of it! I highly recommend it.

~ Amy Adams

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Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Polaris Global – let’s learn more

Learning is a fundamental activity in a successful and purposeful life. Polaris Global has succinctly put the most important tips, tools and lessons together in their success education program for us. Thank god for Beyond Freedom Evolution!

Life + BFE = best education ever!

Life + BFE = best education ever!

Learning is super important. If we fail to learn, we fail to grow. Life gives us endless opportunities to learn, and the more difficult the situation, the more we are likely to learn. And as a student of BFE, you are receiving the best education ever, and giving yourself ever chance of achieving your greatest success.

Since being a student of Beyond Freedom Evolution, learning has become a constant in my life. Every single situation can be educational, and once you see the world as your learning tool, every encounter has a meaning, a purpose and a way to help you grow and reach your goal.

We can learn from other people, from the events happening around us, but the most important lesson I’ve encountered lately, is how we can learn from watching ourselves and how we react to certain situations.

Using these lessons with Beyond Freedom Evolution, and applying it to business, family, relationships and  self-confidence… well, it just about determines everything. Whoa!

Get out there and live, love and be happy BFEers! It’s a beautiful day to be learning.

~ Amy Adams

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Thursday, August 28th, 2014


Leaving Behind The Pressure

Leaving Behind The Pressure

Posted by Rosemary L.

Here goes my first blog …..

On a recent Polaris Global call Shane Krider talked about the distinction between anticipating a result and expecting a result. At first I had difficulty finding the difference or distinction between the two terms and how they relate to my business goals. The dictionary definitions are similar:
1. expectation – regard something as likely
2. anticipation – regard something as probable, expect, foresee

So, what is the distinction? After much thought I see the distinction as the feeling I attach to anticipation as opposed to the feeling I attach to expectation. This may be different for you, but for me this is how I see it:
1. when expecting a result I feel as if it is my right and the focus is on expecting the result to be perfectly as I have imagined it to be. The pressure I put on myself is too high.
2. when anticipating a result I have a sense of excitement running with it, I feel more relaxed and trust that it will work out. Somehow there is less pressure and more of a positive feeling around the outcome.

I am thankful to Shane for getting me thinking on this subject, and my challenge going forward is to consciously bring anticipation and those accompanying feelings of excitement and trust to whatever activity I am doing to achieve a result and leave behind the pressure of expecting perfect results.

What are your thoughts?

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Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Polaris Global – winners of the Leadership 500 Excellence Award

We know Polaris Global is a winning company, but it really is… literally! Earlier this year I let you know Polaris Global was the recipient of the prestigious Leadership 500 Excellence Award. If anyone had any doubt as to Polaris Global’s success, this award has just verified Polaris Global as a clear industry leader.

A big win! Polaris Global ranks second in the Leadership 500 Awards

A big win! Polaris Global ranks second in the Leadership 500 Awards

Shane Krider, Visionary and Founder of Polaris Global, attended the award ceremony and was interviewed by HR.com on the win. Shane highlighted how Polaris Global, and Beyond Freedom Evolution empowers men and women of all ages to discover and attain new levels of personal, financial and professional success and achievements.

We know BFE success education program rules. And now the Leadership industry shows it does too!

Shane continues to say how Polaris Global create and support leaders and entrepreneurs on a daily basis through the powerful and proprietary concepts found in the Beyond Freedom Evolution online curriculum. Check out the full interview and acceptance speech here >>

For the past thirty years, Leadership Excellence has identified and recognized the top 500 leadership organizations in their yearly rankings issue. Winning a Leadership 500 Excellence Award showcases that Polaris Global is one of the top leadership practitioners and highlights their role in the industry.

Well, we knew that! But always love receiving an award.

Go Polaris go!

~ Amy Adams

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Monday, August 25th, 2014


Tingly Two!

Tingly Two!

Posted by Kirsty M.

WARNING: Proud Mummy moment coming up…!

I picked up our son Pierce from school this afternoon & he’s been chosen as “Star of the Week” for his class! SO proud!

On the way home from school he explained how it felt: “Mum, when you’re the Star of the Week it makes you feel all tingly in your Heart. But when I’m not Star of the Week, I still feel tingly in my heart because I’m happy for the person that is the Star that week”.

This reminded me of “Phase 1” that we all go through in the early days in our business. When I first started consistently doing a 3 plan, of course things weren’t happening as fast as I wanted them to, and I would get SO frustrated hearing everyone else’s amazing results on the training calls, when I had little or nothing to announce. I remember the leaders saying “You need to celebrate everyone else’s Success as if it is your own”. What I love about our business is that we genuinely do celebrate each others’ success, as if it is our own. We are not in “competition” with each other. The more success that is created, the more there is to come. And if you’re having a moment of your own success not being where you want it to be, just remember that everyone else’s success is just the Universe showing the catalogue of availability to you again. Here’s what’s available, if you want to do the work for it.

I’m grateful that celebrating other people’s success, not getting jealous or sour about it, is something we’re able to pass on to our kids. It’s an important trait to have as a child & as an adult. Congrats EVERYONE on your Success here – it makes me tingly in my heart!

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Friday, August 22nd, 2014


Leadership Education and Personal Empowerment!

Leadership Education and Personal Empowerment!

Posted by Kirsty M.

How cool is it that in addition to our Beyond Freedom Evolution Curriculum, Shane Krider recommends books to us each month that compliment our Education!

I’m reading Think and Grow Rich this month as recommended & I LOVED this section that I found the other night:

“The more Important sources of Knowledge are:…
(e) Special Training Courses – through Night Schools and Home Study Schools in particular.”

Yay! Love that! Especially since we specialise in Home Study Leadership Education!

After years of doing my grades ahead of my age in High School I managed to fail my final year & struggled to repeat & graduate Year 12 the following year. By that stage University was out of the question for me, I was so keen to start earning a living & I could not sit still long enough to “study”!

It’s amazing to see the change within myself now that I study every single day. Finding the right type of Education for me was key. Leadership Education & Personal Empowerment was not taught at school, if it was, I may have been a lot more passionate about learning then!

I’m grateful to be able to teach these principles to our kids from such an early age, the things that have really helped me to define what to believe & what not to, and an endless list of tools for creating Success in all areas of life. Beyond Freedom Evolution has been my life saver & life changer in the last few years (literally). Embrace our flagship product folks, put yourself in the driver’s seat of your Life.

Who else is reading Think and Grow Rich this month?

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Wednesday, August 20th, 2014


Course Correcting To Success!!

Course Correcting To Success!!

Posted by Kirsty M.

I’ve never seen myself as a Quitter, typically if I really want to achieve something & I want it bad enough, I’ll stick at it & make sure I achieve it.

So a while ago I started running. I was determined to be able to run for a half an hour and to love it. I downloaded an app on my iPhone, tried the treadmill & outdoor running, dangled a shiny new pair of running shoes in front of me, but still never got there. I discovered I just don’t love running. And I felt like a quitter. I didn’t like that feeling, I felt like I’d failed in another area of my life. L

I just completed the module in Beyond Freedom Evolution all about this topic (Action Book 3 “Course Changes vs Quitting”) & it says that if you “Course Correct” rather than label yourself as a “Quitter” and either find another way of achieving your Goal or remove the action if it’s not in alignment with your Goal, then you are still creating forward movement in the right direction.

Quitting is stopping going for the Goal completely. I realised that running for 30min wasn’t actually my goal, it was to have a regular form of exercise that I get a massive kick out of, in my schedule each week. Running is not it. I Course Corrected to Hot Yoga & I absolutely LOVE it.

Mission accomplished & I certainly don’t feel like a quitter anymore! I can also stop beating myself up for thinking I had failed at something, when really I am winning in the fitness area, even though I’m not running. I’m winning at what matters for me. What you have Course Corrected on lately to keep in alignment with your Goals?

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Monday, August 11th, 2014

Polaris Global everywhere

I had a personal leadership development surge this week. I’m feeling super productive and energized so headed straight to my trusty Polaris Global Beyond Freedom Evolution curriculum. I created several journal entries, a vision board and a pile of lists and goals. Aah. Feels good when you have those spurts, doesn’t it!

Polaris Global at your fingertips

Polaris Global at your fingertips

And they can happen anywhere, any time. Which is why I love that Polaris Global is everywhere. Right there at your fingertips whenever you need it to support you to your best success.

The Smart Phone BFE app and the BFE Quick Start are my personal faves for a super powerful shot of BFE. And for those nights when I want some more in-depth reading and exercise refreshers, I adore an early night with my tablet and get right into the BFE volumes I, II and III.

And Polaris Global is like, literally everywhere! You can get a quality BFE social media hit whenever you’re online. Check us out on Social Media NewsRoom, Google+, You Tube channel, Facebook, Twitter and of course, our blog.

If you didn’t know about Polaris Global, the leaders in personal leadership development before, you sure do now! You’re welcome.

~ Amy Adams

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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

A Second Look At Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhyme Time

Nursery Rhyme Time

Posted by Chris R.

Have you ever wondered why we are naturally negative in our outlook and where the violence in our society starts?
Could it perhaps be with the nursery rhymes that we had passed down to us and which we pass on to our children and grandchildren?
Think back to your favourite nursery rhymes and you’ll see what I mean.
In my case I started thinking about Little Bo Peep – the poor wee thing lost her sheep.
That’s pretty negative for both her and the sheep.
Oh, and poor Humpty Dumpty – look at the cracking demise that he suffered.
(Moral, never sit on a wall.)
What about that miserable old farmer’s wife who went wild with the carving knife and left us with three blind and tail-less mice.
And spare a thought for the people of London when their bridge fell down.
Must have been very inconvenient.
Anyone with arachnophobia will sympathise with Little Miss Muffet.
It must have been a bit disturbing to have the eight-legged intruder sit down beside you when your squaffing a Maccas.
Her boyfriend Jack wasn’t quite nimble enough when he jumped over the candle stick and burned his toe.
Thank heavens for Aloe Vera Gel!
This very same boy Jack copped a pretty rough trot.
He innocently climbed the hill with his significant other, Jill, and promptly tumbled down and broke his crown – must have been royalty.
Georgie Porgie on the other hand, didn’t get to have a significant other because all the girls ran away when he kissed them.
Poor lonely soul.
And I seem to recall something about a Goosey Goosey Gander who grabbed an old man by the leg and helped him down the stairs face first.
Nice type.
Then we have the indecisive mouse who spent his day running up and down the clock.
And if I had the choice I wouldn’t be joining the old woman who lived in the shoe – most uncomfortable I reckon.
Of course we also had the little piggy who cried all the way home, and the eencey weencey spider who had an unfortunate experience in the stormwater down-pipe.
Cock a doodle do tells us that the dame lost her shoe and the master, bless his soul, lost his fiddle stick.
Last (as best I can remember) we have this big guy who growled Fee Fie Foe Fum and boasted that he was going grind the bones of an Englishman and make bread.
What a scintillating and captivating mob of characters.
There are probably a lot more that I’ve forgotten and which you can remind me of.
You might also like to submit the positive nursery rhymes you know – the only two I could come up with were Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the jolly old king who called for his fiddlers three.
I think it could be a great idea for the Polaris Global community to show their creativity and produce their own selection of new and positive nursery rhymes.

Here’s a couple of suggestions that just fell out of the sky…

The happy little boy just loved to sing
But he’d only do it when the bells would ring.
But when they rang
He just sang and sang
Making everybody want to
Find a bell to ring.

Or maybe…
You can dream of dragons,
You can dream of Kings,
Of cup cakes, icecream and other nice things.
Dreams can make you happy,
They’re a place to want to go
And when you’ve finished dreaming
You’ll have a smile from head to toe.

Pretty basic, I know, but maybe on the right track.
What do you reckon?
How about we hear your creative suggestions…

At the same time we maybe should be totally aware, at all times, of what we are presenting to our future generations.

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Monday, July 21st, 2014

Polaris Global changing the way you do business

My experience working in large companies often involved a cascade of training sessions, conferences, courses, workshops. All of them containing similar information, spun in a different way, leading nowhere.

Polaris Global providing effective corporate leadership development

Polaris Global providing effective corporate leadership development

Now that I know for myself, I know better. I know Polaris Global’s Beyond Freedom Evolution, innovative success curriculum added to a management leadership development plan would be a smart investment for any corporation. After starting the program, and working through the tools and exercises, employees improve their focus, determination and deliverables, while management communicate and action more effectively. Ultimately leading to a winning collaboration resulting in dollars.

Beyond Freedom Evolution really is an amazing corporate tool.

Smart businesses are realizing the old methods of leadership development are no longer effective. There’s little implementation and small return. Innovative corporations are already making the move towards new leadership approaches and seeing impressive results. Beyond Freedom Evolution works, and the possibilities within an organization are endless.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Make the difference in your organization and give Polaris Global’s Beyond Freedom Evolution a whirl. It comes highly recommended! Click here for some amazing results.

Read more about Polaris Global’s Beyond Freedom Evolution leadership development program… what have you go to lose when there’s so much to gain!

~ Amy Adams

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