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Friday, April 11th, 2014

What about Polaris Global? Have you heard about them?

How do Polaris Global consistently continue to grow? How do Polaris Global achieve those amazing success results? How do Polaris Global stay leaders of the personal leadership development industry?  How do they do it?!

Shane Krider and Greg Strom - Here's to your success with Polaris Global

Polaris Global Co-Founders, Shane Krider and Greg Strom, cheers to your success!

The buzz is everywhere lately… I don’t know if I’m more tuned in now I work for a personal leadership development company, or if the interest has always been there, it’s just taken Polaris Global to capture and harvest it. There’s no denying Polaris Global has everyone talking.

The key is their award-winning success education program, Beyond Freedom Evolution. People are amazed by the results this personal development course can create, and the opportunities that arise as a student of Beyond Freedom Evolution.

There seems to be a shift recently, away from the traditional nine-to-five jobs, as people are seeking something more fulfilling, with a sense of purpose they can be passionate about. Yes, please!

So, what Polaris Global offer are the steps to achieve your ultimate success through their e-learning curriculum, with a home-based business opportunity, and an unparalleled support community. This winning equation for success has been developed with decades of research, and the vision of the Polaris Global co-Founders Shane Krider, Gregory Strom and Rachel Krider. There’s no great mystery here. Hard work, bold decisions and action create great success.

Polaris Global’s pioneering products and clear business model are innovative in structure and superior in quality, which is why they are reporting record-breaking growth, and unprecedented income figures for their distributors.

Personal leadership development can bring success to all areas of your life. And with the results achieved by Polaris Global, and students of Beyond Freedom Evolution, who wouldn’t want to share in that success? Start living the life you want, now!

Sounds like a win, win to me!

~ Amy Adams

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Monday, March 24th, 2014


Polaris Global Secrets

Polaris Global Secrets

Posted By Pauline O

The Polaris Global business opportunity is one of the most successful and lucrative home based business solutions available today and there are many people wanting to know the secrets to our success. The reality is there are no secrets. We keep things simple and we share our collective knowledge so everyone has an equal opportunity to create the massive success they deserve.

We follow a very simple system with some very powerful guidelines known as THE SIX DAILY ACTIVITIES FOR SUCCESS. This is our secret recipe and as with any tried and true recipe it’s imperative to follow it exactly to achieve the desired result. Let’s look at the first of the six required ingredients to achieve a six figure income in your first year in your Polaris Global business -

1/6 INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES – Placing ads, calling potential business associates, 3 way calls, research relating to marketing.

Marketing/advertising is the life blood of any business and this is particularly important with an online business as our website is our shop front and we must learn to become proficient at marketing in order to drive traffic to our websites. This is an area that requires continued, consistent research and application to create long term success.

What is the most important thing you have learned about INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES so far?

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Monday, March 24th, 2014


Posted By Fay L

Some would say it’s uncanny how Beyond Freedom Evolution and Polaris Global came into my life, ‘at the right time’, although I know that ‘thoughts become things’! I have been constantly thinking about having my own home based business and over the Christmas break was talking to my youngest son about it nearly everyday, trying to think of what I could do….

It’s amazing, I thought I’d been following the right steps to achieving a successful, fulfilled life….I watched the DVD ‘The Secret’ on many occasions, I had a vision board that I looked at daily, I had 3 pages of affirmations & statements that I read every night and I have always had wins in my life. (Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t always positive…I was asked to leave home at 16, I’m a divorced single mum and recently retrenched from my corporate management position) however I decided long ago that I am worthy of an enriched life and so set about creating it or so I thought….

Thanks to Beyond Freedom Evolution, in only 4 weeks my positivity has risen to an optimal level, my goals and desires are clear and my vision board has been updated. I now know & understand that belief, vision and my efforts combined are instrumental in achieving my goals, not working for a boss 9 hours a day plus 2 ½ hours travel. I’m so excited to be working on my business with Polaris Global (and who wouldn’t be with the amazing compensation plan). The future looks awesome!

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Monday, March 17th, 2014


A Big Bang for my Buck

A Big Bang for my Buck

Posted by Michelle R

That’s what I needed and FAST. Looking back at me in the mirror is a 47 year old with dull eyes and – how did that happen? My kids are safely off at school, and it’s high time I had a really good check up from the neck up. My husband had been unemployed for 12 Months and my Mum was living with us recovering from cancer. The reality is we were a breath away from declaring bankruptcy and we were about to put our house on the market. Talk about feeling sick to the stomach! I could do 1 of 2 things, reach for a glass of Chardy and wallow in self-pity or fix it. I found a new best friend, the google search engine.


1. In a real job, I was probably worth $20 an hour more or less – that would mean I would work all day and still not be able to pay for the weekly shopping (how depressing)
2. I needed a job which gave me 165 days leave per year as Australian kids attend school 200 days a year, Children aged between 0-14 make up 19% of the population in Australia so there is going to be a fair bit of competition which left me thinking “Work from home opportunity” (and man, there are hundreds of those out there.)

My husband found Polaris Global, he saw in the compensation plan a way to get back on track financially, I saw a scam! He finally landed a job and I was left with the scam! On my first day I sat at the computer and begrudgingly logged into the website hosting our product ‘Beyond Freedom Evolution’ and almost instantly everything I had previously learnt about the law of attraction came flooding back into my reality, I was hooked, lined and sinkered. Soon, I earnt my first commission $5K WOW…..

Polaris Global is a Top Tier Business Opportunity for serious entrepreneurs. Shane Krider and Rachel Krider have built a community of likeminded change makers, Studying Beyond Freedom Evolution and building my Polaris Global business has been a life changing experience.

Please start, join and comment below, my question is…
“What will you to do today to change the rest of your life?”

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Saturday, March 15th, 2014

Win win win with Polaris Global

The children are arguing, systematically tearing the house apart, The Wiggles are competing for airplay with Sponge Bob Squarepants, and I’m out of coffee. The work is piling up as high as the laundry, and the cat’s just vomited all over the lounge.make today amazing

Oh Polaris Global – thank goodness for you! Thank you for Beyond Freedom Evolution. Thank you for a powerful mindset and for teaching me the skill to count my wins. Yes, even those small ones most people wouldn’t even acknowledge.

Those small little breadcrumb-sized wins keep me going on days like this. And looking at my list of wins on my PocketPad app at the end of the day makes me reflect and smile with appreciation and gratitude. Instead of sitting and whining about the-day-that-was.

Of all the skills Beyond Freedom Evolution has taught me, this is the one I utilize the most. The lesson that each action you take has the potential within it for a win is invaluable.

When every step is a win, there is no such thing as losing! What an awesome way to maneuver through life. As long as your thoughts, beliefs, choices and actions are focused on your destination there will be progress.

Today’s focus is getting the kids to bedtime without losing one at the mall. If I manage that without stepping on a piece of Lego, it will be a double win. Ha!

This view of counting wins helps keep your efforts light and fun as you approach, and achieve your goals. And as BFE eloquently puts it – gratitude and acknowledgement are very powerful ways to occupy your thoughts. When you count every step as a win, you automatically acknowledge your progress and appreciate your efforts.

Hey, what do you know – another win! I can see this day turning around already.

~ Amy Adams

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Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Amazing results from the 7 day Success Secrets e-course!

Changing Lives

Changing Lives

Posted By Paulette A

I must admit I have struggled to get a blog posted here. First of all I always take soooo long to do these sorts of things. I don’t think I have enough to say or will I say the right things and then it is will my grammar etc be alright! Well there is a lot that holds me back, guess that will be the title for another blog if I make it through this one! And of course not to mention more time spent with my BFE.
However today after listening to the Polaris Global Team Call and the encouragement that was given by Rachel Krider, I suddenly thought of a prospect who I had disqualified recently.

This prospect didn’t have the best command of the English language so he did have a bit of difficulty understanding our discussion and he was totally unable to give any kind of income goal. I am not sure why I even disqualified him because with the language barrier it may be difficult for him to grasp everything.

However, now I know! He took the email very seriously, he signed up for the 7 –day Success Strategies course and every day wrote to me, giving me the answers to all of the questions and showing unbridled gratitude and enthusiasm and telling me how happy he has been to be given the opportunity to have his eyes opened to the possibilities of more for him in his life!

It is absolutely AMAZING how such a short course in personal development and success strategies can affect an individual. He now wants to go on to buy BFE! I just had to share and who knows maybe this will bring some other great stories from others who are a bit afraid of writing a blog!

If I can do it, anyone can!

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Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Navigating Your Way To Success

Navigating Your Way to Success

Navigating Your Way to Success

Posted by Sheridan C

When I started my journey of Personal Development and Success Education 6 years ago, I had no idea it would lead to where I am today.

6 Years ago, I was lost in my way of life and I felt broken on the inside. I was unhappy and I wanted to know if this thing we call “Life” had more to offer.

This is where Beyond Freedom Evolution came into my life. I am forever grateful I attracted this product into my life.

Growing up I had dreams and desires. Over time as many of us experience, these dreams and desires were soon are washed away by self doubt, low self esteem and the will to Go For It has well and truly dwindled. This happens due to the conditioning we are surrounded by as children and adults. We buy into what is going on around us instead of holding onto the ideas we have inside of us.

Since working with the Beyond Freedom Evolution Programme, the first audio in Departure “Finding Your North Star” absolutely shattered a huge limiting belief I was carrying around until I was 45.
I was told as a kid I was gullible all the time, over and over again.

I started to work things out for myself – in Beyond Freedom Evolution we call it “Know For Yourself”. My confidence started to grow and my beliefs shifted.

There is also another section I would like to cover off on. “Course Correction” or I like to call it “Navigating My Way To Success”

You see, I would set a goal in the past to lose weight for example.
I would attempt to eat well and start a walking regime.
After about 2 weeks I would see very little result and be discouraged and give up. I would buy into all the evidence around me that I was not going to lose weight. After all, as we get older we must be putting on a few kilos, right!! Wrong!!
Navigating My Way To Success for me now means, I start an exercise programme of walking, it is not producing the results I am looking for so instead of giving up I now look for something else.
I would go to the gym. If that wasn’t doing it for me I would look at perhaps a sport. I finally got hold of a DVD series that I do from home and I am hooked. The key was to keep “Course Correcting” and keep the goal in mind.

Are You Navigating Your Way To Success?

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Friday, March 7th, 2014

How this weeks Professional Marketers call changed my mindset forever to help make 2014 my best year ever!

Mindset Shift

Mindset Shift

Posted By Claire W

I just wanted to thank Shane Krider for this weeks very valuable Professional Marketers call regarding prospecting. Shane shared his perspective and a powerful analogy regarding prospecting. I had a life changing light bulb moment during the call and realised that although I conduct myself very friendly and professional whilst prospecting, I do come across “salesy” without realising. My background is sales and marketing and I have spent many years working in call centres doing outbound campaigns. When it comes to prospecting I have never been shy and love talking to people. I realised today that I may come across too enthusiastic and give too much away on the call if I have an unenthusiastic prospect by sharing with them the income potential, live events etc. I loved Shane’s visual he has when prospecting that he is on a boat throwing life rafts to those who are wanting significant change in their life and:

* Have a significant income goal and can think outside of general societies limited beliefs regarding earning potential
* Has common courtesy and will fit in with the Polaris Global community
* Can resonate and be in alignment with all that Polaris Global has to offer
* We have a solution and they can either choose to take the life raft and join the journey or wait for another boat that may have holes in it and will probably sink

Shane demonstrated how important it is be in the right mindset for prospecting and the purpose of the call is not to try and sell or convince anyone it’s rather a process of illumination and finding like minded people. In the latter half of 2013 I spent thousands of dollars on advertising, I got a good response but my conversions did not warrant the amount spent. I paused my campaign when my Mum became very sick but also because I wasn’t “making the sale” it knocked my confidence. This weeks Professional Marketing call has shifted my whole approach to prospecting and I can clearly identify what I need to do now so I will resume my campaign with a new thought process. Thank you Shane Krider.

Did anyone else have any break throughs with this weeks professional marketers call?

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Friday, March 7th, 2014

Beginning my Wealth Creation with Polaris Global

The timing is perfect!

The timing is perfect!

Posted By Corina M

I always had the dream of working for myself from home where I could create my own hours, sleep in and stay in my pjs, but more seriously, when we were to start a family I wanted to be the stay at home catching all those special moments. That got very real for me once I gave birth to our beautiful little boy last Feb and I knew I wasn’t leaving him to go back to work in a million years. I was always thinking about what business idea I could come up with that would be successful but everything from selling AVON, making my own baby products or buying into a franchise either didn’t fit my purpose, cost too much or had too little return.

Polaris Global crossed my path at the perfect time.

After seeing the Executive Income add I immediately completed the enquiry and was contacted shortly after. The opportunity was all very new to me and very overwhelming but I loved the concept and could really see the bigger picture for myself and my family. I was very sceptical and nervous about making any decision to move forward but I had the biggest feeling of butterflies –not the kind where you’re scared and know something bad is going to happen, the kind that gets you excited and you know its right. I definitely lost some confidence and indepence once I stopped working, especially knowing I wasn’t contributing financially, but my husband was very positive and supportive about the idea so we decided to move forward. Initially I wasn’t able to start straight away and financially wer were in a mess, so my team leader advised, put pen to paper and if you want something enough you’ll make it happen. A month later I signed up as M1.

My scepticism and nervousness quickly dwindled as I experience firsthand the wealth of support and training from my team leader, the business manager and the live calls. I did worry I would be completely on my own with something that was so foreign to me but that was so far from the truth. Without knowing it until recently, I put all my trust in Shane and Rach and what a beautiful feeling it is. Trust is truly what I believe makes the foundation of a great relationship and is what makes me know that this is the right path for me.

I always thought of myself as being positive with great potential but thought I never had the right opportunity or environment to be my best self. BFE has changed a lot of thought processes for me and my favourite quote so far is, “You are the absolute supreme authority over your own life. You are, always will be, and always have been at cause of how you experience your life.” This resinated with me tremendously, so I stopped making excuses for things in my life, upgraded to M8 and are becoming the best ME. I love my journey with Polaris and the amazing community that it is and I am excited for my Polaris future, excited for success, excited for financial freedom, excited about making new like-minded friends, and excited about becoming my future self.

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Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Shane Krider, the Philanthropist

Great Event

Great Event

Posted By Adam B

Coming off my first 5 day event in Singapore, I got to experience Shane Krider the inspirational philanthropist.

I’ve been to a lot of seminars over my time, all of which had fantastic presenters, but what struck me the most about Shane Krider was that he actually came from a place of Honesty and Integrity. He gave back to us in so many ways, on so many levels. Yet excitingly, all he genuinely wants is for everyone involved in the Polaris Global business to succeed.

It’s a rare trait to see people in this day of age wanting to help people become better people. Hearing Shane on the calls is one thing, but having the opportunity to be with him in a concentrated environment is something totally else. I personally had some massive shifts on the cruise and now I get it when Shane talks about when this business goes from your head to your heart.

My corporate career has been the exact opposite. Everybody pushing you down for their own benefit, but Shane shares a perspective totally different. Allowing us to have the choice of which direction we want to go and for me, I’d much rather play at his level . His wealth of knowledge and experience and leadership is extraordinary and to learn from such an inspirational philanthropist, well all I can say is YOU ROCK SHANE KRIDER!

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