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Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Jetlag Influenced Me to Blog!

Posted by Kirsty M.

Creating That Good Feeling!

Creating That Good Feeling!

It’s 2.42am (Denver time) and I Can. Not. Sleep!

Hello jetlag…

It seems to have kicked in a full day after I’ve got here! I’m so energised about our Conference next week and of course I may be a little excited about heading out to Rachel & Shane Krider’s residence tomorrow for a few days of pre-event “fun”!

All excitement aside, I’ve been listening to the audios of our last Influence Live Conference (Europe, 2013) and one particular topic has really struck a chord with me right now. Shane speaks about creating a “feeling” in life. If something affects us in a negative way, we want to feel better. If we feel alone or lost we want to feel comforted. If we’re feeling flat or bored, we want to feel thrill or excitement. We want to get that “good feeling” in life, after all it is better to “feel good” than to “feel bad” isn’t it? However the way we go about getting that feeling can become the problem.

Shane points out that we can get this feeling in one of two ways – it is either by “Consuming” something or by “Creating” something.

If you choose to Create something, you become the source for it & the feeling never wears off, it’s not just a quick “fix”.

Where as if you “Consume” something (eg. Eat a block of chocolate, down a bottle of wine, or indulge in impulse purchases etc), it is a quick fix, it never lasts, it often leaves you feeling worse than you did in the first place, and you are never able to really take control of the feeling in a good way. I believe this is how and where addictions start, in my experience (and yes I have overcome an addiction) there is the quick fix for sure, it feels good, you return to it over and over again, until the point that you’re seeking that quick fix as a “preventative” just in case you get that “bad feeling” back again, but there is always, ALWAYS, an underlying message within yourself that this is not the right option, and long term, the end result can be catastrophic.

So how do we opt for the “Create” rather than the “Consume”? For me, it’s by finding personal challenges that I know I can win with, because that makes me feel awesome. It may be something as simple as setting a timer for how quickly I can clean up the kids playroom & have it looking perfect (I’m a neat freak), or how many people in a day I can pay it forward to, or how many loose ends I can tie up in a 10 minute task. By creating that feeling of winning, I remove that bad feeling & I am creating something positive that has a direct impact on my life. I am back at cause again, not at the effect.

I’d love to hear how you have been able to turn this around in your life, going from “Consuming” to “Creating”.

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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

“The World’s Most Successful Home Business…”

When The Student Is Ready …

When The Student Is Ready …

Posted by Kirsty M.

I am so grateful for Shane & Rachel Krider “introducing” me to Bikram Yoga (and to Alison Wheeler for dragging me to my first class)! I’ve been going regularly for about a year now & much like our Beyond Freedom Evolution journey, I pick up new distinctions ALL. THE. TIME.

This one really stood out to me though… At the end of class on Monday our teacher was sharing a little bit about the history of Bikram Yoga (in his McDreamy Southern American accent… Ok that’s not why I go but it is very relaxing!) He told us that Bikram – after healing himself from a major knee injury, put together the most beneficial (physically & spiritually) 26 Yoga postures / poses to create the Bikram Yoga set, and shared it with “as many people as he possibly could” – and created the world’s most successful Yoga practice.

When I heard this, a HUGE light bulb went off for me. This is exactly the same as what we have here in Polaris.

Shane, Rachel & Greg have selected the most beneficial steps to take (after creating LOADS of their own success) – in the Business Model (6 daily steps for Success), within our Marketing (Guerilla Marketing), the Income Opportunity (3, 5 or 10 plan), and most importantly within our product – each step of the Beyond Freedom Evolution program AND our Live Events.

What else needs to be done? Our work as Distributors – getting it “out there”. Just like Bikram – he “shared it with as many people as he possibly could” and he created the world’s most successful Yoga program.

That’s our responsibility here too.

Are you ready to create the World’s Most Successful Home Business? Who else can you share this opportunity with today?

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Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Fear, Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution

“All great accomplishments grow from the seed of a single moment of inspiration,” Shane Krider, Visionary and co-Founder of Polaris Global.

That is Beyond Freedom Evolution gold right there. When you build a success education curriculum based on golden philosophies like this, there’s no surprise why it is the best award-winning personal leadership development web-based program available.

Nothing changes, if nothing changes!

Nothing changes, if nothing changes!

Ever felt like you know what you have to do to get to that next goal, but you just can’t find the momentum to follow it through? You even have a to-do list but get stuck at #3? Me too. That’s when I grab for my trusty BFE volumes and start ploughing through. Or I click onto BFE Quick Start and have a revision course in the car. Making traffic productive… I think just earned a BFE gold star.

And what Beyond Freedom Evolution reminded me today, was the secret to great success is the simple courage to act as if we have nothing to lose.

Most of the time, we know what’s right for us. We can imagine it, almost feel it. But something is holding us back. Fear.

It’s fear that can prevent us from starting a new business venture, leaving a bad relationship, embarking on that great adventure. Fear of the unknown fights change. And we know nothing changes, if nothing changes.

I have re-learned some things about fear from BFE this week. That awesome feeling you get when you reach your goal, THAT is what will carry you through the fear and adversity that comes with change. And with BFE and Polaris Global’s support, we know we can achieve great success.

And totally kick fear’s butt!


~ Amy Adams

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Sunday, July 6th, 2014

Top five things to know about Polaris Global

Invest in yourself, your health, your future and your wealth. The top five reasons to join Polaris Global:

1. Beyond Freedom Evolution

Polaris Global is the creator of the award-winning success education program, Beyond Freedom Evolution. All students who enrol in the program learn how to get the results you deserve out of life, build wealth, create empowering relationships and learn how to build your life around what is important to you.

This 12-month online personal leadership development curriculum includes three volumes of e-books, audio and video files, and the exclusive members-only social media platform, The Mastermind. The Mastermind grants each student a safe harbor community to share, support and converse with other Beyond Freedom Evolution students.

2. Polaris Global decreases your stress (click for more info)

Stress is inevitable. Everyone suffers from it at some point. But if you have the tools to help you manage your stress, and life, it can be quickly alleviated. Thanks to Beyond Freedom Evolution! The skills learned from this breakthrough personal leadership development curriculum have helped thousands of people manage stressful situations, so they don’t escalate into serious health issues.

3. Polaris Global helps you succeed

Polaris Global and Beyond Freedom Evolution, teach you to take full responsibility for everything that’s happened to you, past, present and future. With this control comes the ability to back yourself to succeed without excuses. With easy to follow steps and exercises, Beyond Freedom Evolution will guide you to your success goal.

4. Polaris Global promotes a work-life balance

Polaris Global prides itself on accomplishing this. Their virtual-office home based business appeals to many entrepreneurs leaving the traditional workforce, as it offers the flexibility to work whenever you like, wherever you like.

5. Polaris Global can bring you financial freedom

Some of Polaris Global’s leading distributors make between $10,000 – $100,000 a month. Lee Anne Bartlett from Queensland, Australia, attributes her continued success to Polaris Global’s business model, identifying clear goals, and following through.

Polaris Global really is the best thing you can do for your Future Self. Just read the survey results here! Improvement in all areas of your life leading to better health, and better wealth.

It’s a no brainer!

~ Amy Adams

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Saturday, July 5th, 2014


Posted by Shani C.

Loving My Polaris Business!!

Loving My Polaris Business!!

There are many reasons to join Polaris Global and today I will share with you some of the key reasons I found when joined Polaris Global.

1. THE BEST EVER HOME BUSINESS – I’ve never seen before such a simple system and powerful compensation plan that allow an individual to create a multiple six figure income from home without introducing hundreds of people into the business.

2. THE COMMUNITY – there are not enough words to describe the Polaris Global Community, you need to be part of it to understand. This is the place you plug into every day through training calls and /or live events – you meet in person or hear the people on the calls that want to be part of your success, help you grow your business and yourself as a leader and really make a difference in the life of others. I’m really proud to be part of this community of like-minded individuals.

3. THE TRAINING & SUPPORT PROVIDED – when you decide to join Polaris Global, the first thing you need to know is that You Aren’t Alone and you learn the business as you go – you don’t need to know everything when you start, just have the willingness to learn new skills. Polaris Global hosts 6 training calls 5 days a week in different topics such as marketing, business mindset, prospecting, personal development etc. so you can always stay connected, learn new things and ask your questions live. In addition, your enroller will be happy to help you with any questions, challenges and of course masterminding.

They are true leaders in their fields. They always find new ways to make Polaris Global better and how to make us – Polaris Global Distributors more successful. I cannot Thank You enough guys for your leadership and for this amazing opportunity.

5. BEYOND FREEDOM EVOLUTION – Polaris Global 12 month web based Personal Leadership Curriculum. If you are on a path of changing your life you must have BEYOND FREEDOM EVELUTION as your companion. It will make your ride smoother and allow you confronting life challenges in a different way.

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Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Polaris Global long term success

Polaris Global’s Beyond Freedom Evolution comes in three volumes – Departure, Decision, Action. Each volume holds key elements to achieving the steps to success. Since becoming a student of BFE, I’ve identified a specific area I still have to work on consistently – the concept of sustained action. In particular, how important mindset is when it comes to sustaining action long-term.

Polaris Global can get you there

Polaris Global can get you there

Consistency and persistence are qualities most people are not born with. If you’re like me, you have to work really hard at these traits, especially if you want to master a skill that gives you a sustained advantage. Any kind of education and support in this area is invaluable to success. And I found the know-how and the support in Polaris Global’s award-winning Beyond Freedom Evolution success education program. It’s personal development gold.

Everyone’s long-term success is based heavily on mindset. So it makes perfect sense to me to actively seek expert advice, direction and surround myself with like-minded people on a similar journey, to ensure I have the best chances at achieving prolonged success. Polaris Global provides all of this in a convenient online platform, providing an array of success tools conveniently and efficiently whenever I need them.

I use Beyond Freedom Evolution in every area of my life and it has undoubtedly helped me be more positive. People generally value wealth, relationships and health, and studies show positivity leads to a happier, longer and more successful life in these areas. Again and again studies demonstrate that optimists win, sometimes in very surprising ways. And since being an avid BFE student, I can attest to seeing those changes within my own life.

Like any long journey, you need the right tools, knowledge and support to make it to the other end. Let Beyond Freedom Evolution guide you to sustained success. It’s the best decision I ever made.

~ Amy Adams

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Thursday, June 26th, 2014

What is Different About This Journey

This Is What is Different!

This Is What is Different!

Posted by Melonie C.

I invested more money in this business venture – which means more commitment & determination to Make It Happen, to be Incredibly Successful.
I have more options by Prospecting the World rather than Family and Friends.
The Co-Founders/Owners of this amazing organization live about an hour from me. With direct access, contact and interaction with Rachel & Shane Krider, how perfect is that?!!
I am ready to WIN at the Game of Life and this is rigged in my favor.
My outlook today is the first step to finding, discovering and developing the Amazing Melonie I have always been intended to be, to shine and show myself to the World.
It takes 20 Seconds of INSANE COURAGE to get past my fear
I am UNSTOPPABLE, not my fears.
I am Grateful for everything that has happened to me in my life as it has created this Melonie
What I have been doing in the job market in the past 5 years has been soul destroying and has not been working.
This is a CAREER, not a JOB.
From this point on, I am a new creation and this is a new start to an amazing life.
I am Breathing In my CREATIVE FUTURE NOW and Breathing Out the limitations of the past.
I am Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant.
I am entering a whole New World, New Future and New Phase of Being FULLY ALIVE!
I am TRANSFORMING Moment by Moment. Stay Tuned!
I have a Winning Attitude.
I bring ME to whatever is in my Future.
My Future Self says: “You Go Girl, Give It Your All!

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Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Our Intention of 2014 “Our Best Year Yet”

Posted by Kym K.

Our Best Year Yet!

Our Best Year Yet!

I have been reading on blog posts and hearing on our training calls many comments on how our training calls are going deeper, sharing more detail and lifting the bar, and I agree – Kudos to Shane and Rach for what they bring – its awesome.

I got to thinking back to Influence Live 2011 in Tahiti, my first big event, and Shane talked about the group consciousness ( he may have termed it differently) and how powerful that energy is – truth is its happening everywhere, all the time in both positive and negative ways and both consciously and unconsciously – think about gangs – that’s a group consciousness in a negative form.

Bart mentioned on our Beyond Freedom Evolution call today – he encouraged others to put their voice into our group by introducing themselves or making a comment. Back when I was facilitated workshops – the formula I used was to get each attendee to introduce themselves so that each person added their energy to the group. By adding your voice it is a very powerful way to add your energy to what we are co creating here.

Our mission – as I understand it is to be a positive influence on others and to empower others to be at cause in their lives, each of us has a valuable part to play.

I also feel that the Alchemy group is playing a beautiful role in adding to our group energy – even a smaller group of people can expand the group as a whole and everyone benefits by being pulled along by the positivity. To summarise my ramblings thoughts – we are all feeling the evidence of the powerful intention we set at the beginning of 2014 – as we are only half way through this year I am excited to see how we continue to expand. Again – I am moved with gratitude for being a part of our positive force of change.

Can you feel it?

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Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Beyond Freedom Evolution & Polaris Global

Posted By J Scotney

I have been with Polaris Global for some months now, working my butt off (or so I thought) and getting nowhere.
Was I having fun? You must be kidding!! I’ve never worked so hard.
What I am finally coming to understand is:

My progress is NOT measured by the number of leads or amount of income I generate
I need to back off and not be so intense – take a break
I need to give myself space to have fun – bring music back into my life
I need to be gentle on myself – be my own best friend
To commit to putting my 6 Daily Activities into Action – ALL , not just some
Make Beyond Freedom Evolution my TOP PRIORITY

Through Beyond Freedom Evolution, plugging into the Polaris Global training calls and ASKING for support from my enroller, I am realising that I am worthy of the success that I am aiming for and even MORE. Thank you Polaris Global.

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Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Seeing the world as a Polaris Global Distributor.



Posted by Chrissy G

I’m SUPER excited as I have just purchased my repeat ticket for our Polaris Global Influence Conference.
This means in September this year I will be heading to Denver Colorado (with Col of course) to spend time with Shane and Rachel Krider and all the other Leaders in Polaris Global.
I have just checked out the Polaris Global corporate site to see what to expect from this 5 day

The event focuses on leadership development and application of proven entrepreneurial skills.

Exponentially increase your value
Increase your personal power
Understand your value to the community
Stop giving away your power
How to be at cause for the greater good

Now for me that sounds like a perfect way to spend 5 days in a beautiful place with my adopted
Polaris family.
(Did I mention that I’m Excited)
I had a fantastic time at our last Polaris Global Influence Conference where we cruised
the Mediterranean and visited Italy,Turkey and Greece.
I love that our Polaris Global business is so portable because while we were away attending this
event I made over $10k ( now you have to love that)
I had better head over to my Travel agent and work out some travel plans.
Opps but first I need to change out of my work clothes (Pyjamas).
Who else is excited about our next Polaris Global Influence conference in Denver.

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